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Please Luke. Please, Please, Please.
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This is a community to discuss Gilmore Girls episodes, ask Gilmore Girls related questions, post icons, headers, wallpaper, or pretty much bring up anything Gilmore related!
This community is maintained by pinkskellington and she can be reached for now at bjrennick85@hotmail.com, but this email will likely be changing at a later date.
Anyway, have fun with the community, try to keep things Gilmore related, and troll free.

1. On Tuesdays the community will be locked down, and any posts you make about that nights episode will become visible Wednesday morning.
2. All spoilers should be behind a cut.
3. When posting icons and headers there should be no more than three above a cut.
4.Anything that is innapropriate, rude, or is insulting another member will be deleted, and cause a warning. 3 warnings and a member will be banned.

Comments? Suggestions? Please email me!

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